Coloured dog tags
- Striking neon and deep colour range of dog tags
- Coloured chains available
- Anodised for exceptional durability
- Perfect for clubbing, holidays or outfits

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Choose from a fantastic range of brightly coloured tags and chains. Using our tag builder, you can mix and match tag, chain and silencer colours -- and don't forget to add your personal message.

It's a difficult process making coloured dog tags which are resistant but we've perfected the process and are proud to provide such a cool colour range! Personalise your own custom coloured dog tags with any colours of your choice.

Our coloured tags are made from aluminium and are coloured using anodisation, a chemical process that uses electrolysis to change the surface of the metal: it makes the metal more resistant to corrosion, and the addition of dye during the anodisation process produces a rich colour that is sealed into the surface of the metal.

The colour won't rub off, even in water, and it won't crack, or flake.

Benutzerdefinierte Ausführung und Kauf

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