Dog Tag Silencers


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Dog Tag Silencers
- Individual rubber dog tag silencers
- Full range of colours, styles and graphic patterns
- Bulk discounts

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Our extensive range of dog tag silencers allow you to mix and match or buy spares for your dog tag sets. The range includes:

Single colours – including black, red, green, blue, purple, yellow, pink, orange, white and clear.

Camo colours – including marine camo, army camo, red camo and pink camo.

Multi colours – including red white and blue, black red and yellow, and black and white.

Glow in the dark dog tag silencers – including pink, yellow and blue.

Our rubber dog tag silencers will fit onto any standard size dog tags (50mm x 28mm). Simply slot the tag into the groove on the silencer and pull the silencer across the tag for a snug fit. Keep your dog tags silent and stylish whether you are out on the town or at a milsim event trying to stay quiet!


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